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We believe in the importance of having insights about your website traffic and the way it is responding to your marketing campaigns or to the SEO effectiveness. Google Analytics is a powerful tool with tons of valuable information that you can use to analyze the traffic to your website.

We can set up the code into your pages and explain how you can take advantage of this valuable tool.

There is a huge amount of information that you can get with analytics: Your page traffic, page view in each visit, landing page results, goals, loyalty, bounce rates, the average time on your website. This data, will help you analyze your content, your graphic design and will let you see how your visitors reacted after any update to your website.

Having analytics installed allows you to know where you are going with your website, this tool will help you measure results and will give you more ideas to improve conversion.

With Analytics you can also have demographics information such as location of your website visitors and their language. With the location you can narrow down to the country, city, town and even better if your business is local, for example, a beauty salon, you can see who in your local area is visiting your site.

There is one capability that we consider so interesting and adds great value to the design and it is about technology; this is from what browser and OS are finding, and what type of screen resolution is the best setup for your visitors' desktop or laptop.

What is Analytics Website Traffic?

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During our recent participation in SES New York, we learned about a text with two identical websites and the only change was a picture in the home page. One of them was a "world globe" and the other image contained a "key lock". After an improvised survey between all participants we selected the world globe one; surprise! The one with the picture of a key lock had gotten 17% more hits than the other one. How can you know if something like that is happening to your site if you don't have a way to track your hits? We can evaluate your site for FREE and present some ideas that might help improve your site traffic.

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