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We are a company located and registered in the State of Florida.

We have more than 20 years of experience in the technology field, working directly with Multinational companies around the world such as Bimbo in Mexico, Rafael Espinosa Brothers in Colombia, Chevy dealers, and some more software development projects. In June 2009 we were hit by the economy crash in the U.S. and with the desire to continue to be active in business we created a new division called Parexton dedicated exclusively to Website Design

Parexton is oriented to provide website design services and maintain professional websites.

This division grew rapidly and we were able to participate directly in more than 70 Web Design projects. In 2010 we hired a group of engineers with knowledge in website design, JS, CSS, dreamweaver, CS4, wordpress and some other developing tools. Now we are proud of our work, keeping always a high standard in our website design and also paying much attention to the SEO rules for each one.

Parexton Web Design Team

George Ochoa

CEO - Founder

I'm very thankful to have this initiative of creating the Parexton Website design division, proud of my team members, very thankful for my wife and daughters for their continuous support.

I have worked in the technology field for more than 20 years, graduated from the Politecnico Grancolombiano University in 1990 with a business information management degree. Later in 1994, the same year as my second daughter was born, I obtained a degree in Systems Engineering. More recently I obtained a masters degree in information Technology at AIU in Florida in 2006.

I have dedicated my life to love my family, serve God and work for my company. Now I am encouraging all my team to work professionally and ethically, to make the right decisions, and to keep themselves learning constantly which I think is key in this business.

Martha Ochoa

CEO - Founder

I'm so happy to be part of Parexton Website Design team, I'm helping with the programming coordination and customer relations.

This is so exiting to see when you have an idea for a website design and see it later in the first lines in Google organic results or any of the other search engines.

When you see that you are doing it right by having happy clients it is very rewarding.

Ing. William Francisco Ramirez

Web Developer

I am the Web and Consultant Designer at Digital Marketing (SEM, SEO and SOCIAL MEDIA) I have worked on several web projects in HTML, Word Press and Joomla. I have been part of the Parexton team since March 2014, and I am happy to be part of the company. I learn new skills and appreciate the way they present their works with professionalism

Val O'Connor

Content Editor

I am an editor, artist and website designer/editor, and I have lived in South Florida since 1986. I'm very much enjoying editing and writing for the Parexton website team. It is very gratifying to work with people from other countries, blending the different cultures together as one.


WordPress Developer

Ravi is a 29 year old WordPress specialist from Hyderabad, India. He graduated from Technical University of Munich and did his Bachelors in Technology at Anna University, Chennai.

He started blogging in WordPress since 2007 which slowly turned in to a passion for anything WordPress. Being a blogger himself, he understands WordPress well. He regularly follows WordPress developments and actively participated in the Tamil WordPress community.

He started his freelance career in Elance.com in 2008. After having done 50+ projects there, he has started working through his website Ravidreams.com and now is part of the parexton Website design team.

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